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Saturday: Kink 

Kid in a Candy Store

Author: fialleril

Rating: PG-13 (Hold the fuck up. On a Saturday?)

Genre: Humor/Gen *gasp* ain’t that interesting?

Word count: 1,286

Summary: Fill for the kink meme prompt:

Sherlock in a sex shop.

Why read it: Because it’s freaking hilarious.

Sherlock, if he ever even knew to begin with, has obviously deleted everything he’s learned about the more… nontraditional aspects of sex. That’s OK though. What’s the point of investigating something you already know?

Give this a shot people, I promise you’ll at least crack a smile. And you can’t leave John to suffer through this by himself, he’s getting a bit desperate.

Saturday: Kink 


Author: lbmisscharlie

Rating: NC-17

Genre: PWP/Humor

Word count: 4,335

Summary: Fill for the kink meme prompt:

AU: John and Sherlock meet in a seedy studio for a bit of gay-for-pay amateur porn. John is doing it because he genuinely, desperately needs money and he’d heard an old army buddy say it paid well for almost nothing; Sherlock’s doing it for a case, of course. 

Why read it: OK, as odd as it’s going to sound from reading the prompt, this fic is adorable and pretty freaking amusing. John and Sherlock’s characterizations seem spot on, and despite the fact that both are doing this for reasons other than fun, they both manage to get some enjoyment out of it *winks*

I especially love the fact that Sherlock goes in for information on a case, fully intending to pay more attention to the cameraman instead of John, and John’s just like:

Saturday: Kink 


Author: thisprettywren

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Kink/First Time

Word count: 10,500


Everything else is just transport.

Why read it: This is a really interesting portrayal of Sherlock’s reaction to having a mind that automatically sees and deciphers irritating, unending minutiae about EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, it would drive anyone up the freaking wall.

Luckily for Sherlock, he knows a way to turn everything off. While sensory deprivation has never been my particular kink, thisprettywren completely sells it, and her characterization of both Sherlock and John is spot on.

Saturday: Kink (Wholock Week) 

Captain John Watson, Genetics, and Other Crazy Things.

Author: cyerus

Rating: PG-13 (according to the author. There’s a paragraph at the end that leads me to disagree however)

Genre: Crossover/Humor 

Word count: 5,670

Summary: Fill for the prompt: 

The explanation for John “Three Continents” Watson? Jack Harkness is his father.

Why read it: So John has a bit of a, shall we say, way with women (and men, and sometimes women and men). They seem to throw themselves at him with surprising regularity.

Yes, John. Yes you should. 

So it’s inevitable that Sherlock eventually finds himself under the sway of his *ahem* attributes *ahem*. And of course, everything gets a lot more fun when you bring Captain Jack Harkness into the picture.