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Saturday: Kink 


Author: lbmisscharlie

Rating: NC-17

Genre: PWP/Humor

Word count: 4,335

Summary: Fill for the kink meme prompt:

AU: John and Sherlock meet in a seedy studio for a bit of gay-for-pay amateur porn. John is doing it because he genuinely, desperately needs money and he’d heard an old army buddy say it paid well for almost nothing; Sherlock’s doing it for a case, of course. 

Why read it: OK, as odd as it’s going to sound from reading the prompt, this fic is adorable and pretty freaking amusing. John and Sherlock’s characterizations seem spot on, and despite the fact that both are doing this for reasons other than fun, they both manage to get some enjoyment out of it *winks*

I especially love the fact that Sherlock goes in for information on a case, fully intending to pay more attention to the cameraman instead of John, and John’s just like:

Saturday: Kink 

De Facto

Author: pennydreadful

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Kink/PWP

Word count: 5,679

Summary: John thinks he has a normal sex life with Sherlock until of course he doesn’t. If Sherlock can invent his own job, he can invent his own fetish.

Why read it: Ummmmmm, how do I describe this…? Half of me is just:

But the other half is like: “Shut up, bitch. I am enjoying this”

Alright, fine. You caught me. Only about 20% was confusion…

Saturday: Kink 

Armour and Uniform

Author: entangled-now

Rating: NC-17

Genre: PWP

Word count: 1,600 and 930 respectively 


Armour: The first time they have sex, Sherlock doesn’t even take off his coat.

Uniform: In which Sherlock plays dress-up and John gets distracted. 

Why read it: Because this —

— should be cannon. Shameless clothing!kink ftw!

Saturday: Kink 


Author: Berlynn Wohl

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance/PWP

Word count: 6,100

Summary: Sherlock wonders what it would be like to see him and John having sex without either of them having memories of the experience. John agrees.

Why read it: The summary doesn’t nearly do this fic justice. It’s funny, ridiculously hot, and somehow the author manages to keep Sherlock and John in character while fulfilling the prompt to a T. I really can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed reading this.  

Saturday: Kink 

L’instinct suffit

Author: kate-lear

Rating: NC-17

Genre: PWP

Word count: 2,500

Summary: Sherlock speaks French during sex.

Why read it: We haven’t recced any language!kink before now, and with Benedict’s voice that’s just shameful. This fic in particular is absolutely beautiful and HOT AS HELL.