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Thursday: Character Appreciation (Mummy Holmes) 

The Adoption of John Watson Holmes

Author: cyerus

Rating: PG

Genre: Humor/Gen

Word count: 2,949

Summary: Mummy thinks that John Watson is so good for Sherlock that she must endeavor to make sure he stays with her son. If that means she has to force-adopt the man, then so be it. Mycroft is smug. Sherlock is horrified. John is devious.

Why read it: This fic is currently my favorite things in the universe. It is one of those infinitely quotable, hilarious fics that will have you awkwardly muffling giggles so as not to attract the attention of those around you. 

In essence, grumpy John + mortified Sherlock + the terrifying power of Mummy Holmes = 

Monday: Damn Good Fics 

That Thing You Like

Author: misspamela

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 7,155

Summary: ”Happy Christmas, etc. etc.”

Why read it: This is a cute piece of Christmas fluff where Sherlock essentially throws himself at John, who’s too busy enduring threats from Mummy Holmes to notice. There’s also some lovely protective!John, a longtime favorite of mine. 

Thursday: Character Appreciation (Mummy Holmes) 

Mother Dearest

Author: she-burns1

Rating: PG-13 (For use of milk as a weapon)

Genre: Humor

Word count: 2,353

Summary: What happens when you mix muggers, an snuggly BAMF, and an elderly genius? (aka how John met his boyfriend’s mother and won her approval all in one go)

Why read it: First things first, here are my feelings about livejournal’s insistence on being a douche recently:

Second, apparently this if BAMF!John week at fuckyeahsherlockfics, which we didn’t intend but are quite happy with. This fic will also please those who envision Mummy as a nice woman and a good mother, which is my person head canon.