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Saturday: Kink 

How To Tame Your Dragon

Author: mad-maudlin

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU/Fantasy

Word count: 12,871

Summary: Sorcerer!Sherlock sets out to trap himself a pet dragon. Said dragon turns out to be far more interesting than he initially anticipated.

Why read it: Cause John Watson is a motherfucking dragon!!! As far as I’m concerned, that’s head canon. Come on, it makes sense. We always knew he was part reptile anyway.

I just love the way this author portrays John as completely not human, but still the John we know and love. Except carnivorous.

Notes: This fic has a lot of warnings attached to it, so be sure to read them all. Personally though, I didn’t find it as dark as the the warnings indicate it would be. It was actually humorous at times. Let me stress however, that that’s my PERSONAL opinion.