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Saturday: Kink (Wholock Week) 

Captain John Watson, Genetics, and Other Crazy Things.

Author: cyerus

Rating: PG-13 (according to the author. There’s a paragraph at the end that leads me to disagree however)

Genre: Crossover/Humor 

Word count: 5,670

Summary: Fill for the prompt: 

The explanation for John “Three Continents” Watson? Jack Harkness is his father.

Why read it: So John has a bit of a, shall we say, way with women (and men, and sometimes women and men). They seem to throw themselves at him with surprising regularity.

Yes, John. Yes you should. 

So it’s inevitable that Sherlock eventually finds himself under the sway of his *ahem* attributes *ahem*. And of course, everything gets a lot more fun when you bring Captain Jack Harkness into the picture.

Thursday: Character Appreciation (The Women) 

You Took My Hand And Danced With Me

Author: Lovingthevolume

Rating: PG

Genre: Crossover (Doctor Who)/Angst

Word count: 1,000

Summary: It’s bigger on the inside, she’d said, and he’d smiled and whisked her away.

Why read it: Here’s a beautiful look at the women of Sherlock as companions of the Doctor. All of their experiences are so unique and true to each character, ranging from humorous to tragic, just as anything Doctor Who related should. 

I know the men of Sherlock get the most love, but in a show full of BAMFs, let’s give it up for the ladies.

Tuesday: Angst (Wholock Week) 

Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

Author: Jupiter Ash

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Crossover (Doctor Who)/Angst

Word count: 9,500

Summary: What Sherlock and John were both doing during The Year That Never Was.

Why read it: Dystopia, followers. Now is the time for some Sherlockian dystopia.

In the Whoniverse, with rogue aliens running amok, the people of earth have to put up with a lot. Well, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are hardly the type of people to put up with anything, no matter how much it pains them to resist.

In summation, John really had no idea what he was getting into when he voted Saxon.

Monday: Damn Good Fics (Wholock Week) 

Three Mornings

Author: ImpishTubist

Rating: G

Genre: Gen/Humor

Word count: 1,177

Summary: Killer Christmas trees. Possessed mannequins. Spaceships falling from the sky. Over the course of three mornings in 2007, John Watson begins to suspect that perhaps spending Christmas in London isn’t the best of ideas.

Why read it: First of all, if you understand this reference:

Then you have no choice but to read this fic. Also, there is gratuitous confused!John in this fic, which is about as adorable as puppies in Santa hats.